Aim of the game

In Stone Skipper you play the role of Max, a cheeky young fellow.

Andy, his dedicated young dog, never leaves his side and gets mixed up in just about everything Max does.

The aim of this game is skip your stone as far as you can across the still water. Each level gets harder and harder - you have to skip more times with every go!

How to play

Hold your iPhone just like you would a smooth stone, and with a flick of the wrist, mimic the stone skipping action.

Be very careful not to actually throw the phone itself!

If your throw is good, your stone will skip and skip!

Careful, you only have three attempts, and if you fail three times your game will be over.

About Max and Andy

Max is a young, rebellious boy,and Andy is his faithful dog.

Normally they are up to all kinds of mischeif and hoodlum-type activities in their neighborhood.

In Stone Skipper, they are simply out to have fun in the world. Stay tuned for more games in the Max and Andy series, coming soon.